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Hellenic Friedreich's Ataxia Association

Welcome to the Hellenic Friedreich's Ataxia Association

As scientific research for treating and curing Friedreich’s Ataxia moves forward quickly, we feel that we are on a critical point- a point where we need to collectively increase and direct our efforts toward making the treatments accessible to Greek patients as soon as they become available.

In this hopeful and auspicious spirit, the Hellenic Friedreich’s Ataxia Association increases its efforts and aims to; incentivize the Greek state and mobilize everyone (person or legal entity) available in order to ensure that every single patient in Greece gets the opportunity to access innovative treatments which will cure this serious genetic disease.

The only way to reach our goal is: working together, in a systematic and organized manner, because we have a mutual, merciless enemy which is, in the interest of keeping our loved ones healthy and safe.

All our efforts are focused on our loved ones who suffer from this genetic disease and their future.

We want you companions on this journey!


  Together for a cure


The value of life is our ultimate guide in our constant efforts to change the natural course of this disease.

Scientific Research

We believe in both the individual´s and the scientific research´s power. We value the people that choose to be with us and participate in our efforts.


For a patient with Friedreich’s Ataxia every day counts towards our Association’s fight for our members’ well-being.


Hope strengthens our fight.

”A-taxia means lack of order and coordination”


Patients in Europe


Rare neurodegenerative hereditary disease


For now without a cure


Patients in Greece

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